Premiere Intensive Repairing Serum


A leave-in repairing anti-breakage filler hair serum. This anti-frizz serum works to seal and fill hair strands, and protect them from the heat of styling tools, leaving hair shiny and strong.
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Kérastase Première Intensive Repairing Serum is a lightweight leave-in hair treatment serum formulated to repair all types of damaged hair from within, resulting in a glossy and supple appearance.

Due to its increased porousness, processed hair absorbs three times more calcium from water than untreated hair, which manifests internally and externally within the hair fibre. Kérastase hair treatment serum tackles this issue with a dual-action approach: its light and balmy texture effectively seals the hair cuticles, providing a protective shield for the hair’s surface. Simultaneously, it penetrates the hair fibre, filling it and reinforcing its strength.

This innovative hair repair serum not only protects your hair from the damaging effects of hard water and calcium buildup but also shields it from humidity and heat up to 230°C. It eliminates frizz leaving your hair smooth, supple, and easy to style.

72H Anti-Frizz*