Kérastase Masque Cicaextreme 200mL


Intense conditioning and deep restorative post-bleaching procedure masque for sensitized lightened or highlighted hair.

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This gel-in-cream masque deeply strengthens fiber structure to reconstruct post-lightened hair. It intensely hydrates and plumps fiber for a stronger look and feel. Hyaluronic Acids Duo and Edelweiss Oil, enhances fiber resilience to prevent future breakage and split ends, making it more manageable and easy to detangle. Suitable for over-processed and very sensitized blonde hair, the Masque Cicaextreme reduces post-lightened hair porosity and seals open scales for a uniform healthier fiber. Hair fiber is restorative, stonger, shinner and deeply smooth from the lenghts to ends.

Features & Benefits

  • A rich white gel-in-cream deeply strengthen fiber structure to reconstruct post-lightened hair. Hair is stronger and more resistant.
  • Enhances fiber resilience to prevent future breakage & split ends


Two powerful actives to heal blonde hair: Hyaluronic Acid + Edelweiss Oil. An upgraded version of this essential skincare intgredient, a duo of low and high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid. Two different weight molecules for an improved action and deeper penetration. Low weight Hyaluronic Acid is known to deeply penetrate hair and heal profound wounds. High weight Hyaluronic Acid has an intense hydrating function, plumping fiber to recover elasticity and strength. Edelweiss oil, extracted from this immortal flower, rich in anti-oxidants to deeply nourishes fiber and protect hair against daily damage. Its powerful properties softens and calms sensitized bleached hair. AQUA / WATER / EAU ● CETEARYL ALCOHOL ● AMODIMETHICONE ● HYDROXYPROPYL STARCH PHOSPHATE ● ISOPROPYL MYRISTATE ● BEHENTRIMONIUM CHLORIDE ● PHENOXYETHANOL ● TRIDECETH-5 ● ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL ● TRIDECETH-6 ● GLYCERIN ● CAPRYLYL GLYCOL ● TRIDECETH-10 ● LIMONENE ● CETRIMONIUM CHLORIDE ● SODIUM HYALURONATE ● ACETIC ACID ● HELIANTHUS ANNUUS SEED OIL / SUNFLOWER SEED OIL ● TOCOPHEROL ● LEONTOPODIUM ALPINUM FLOWER/LEAF EXTRACT ● PARFUM / FRAGRANCE ●


This mask is formulated to work in perfect duo with Bain Cicaextreme. Apply to damp hair. Leave it for 5 minutes. Rinse. Lightened Addict: Bain Ultra-Violet once a week until desired tone is reached Bain Cicaextreme + Masque Ultra Violet + Huile Cicaextreme daily for shinning, hydrating and texturising + Serum Cicanuit every evening to protect and hydrate during the night Natural Dark Base: Bain Ultra-Violet once a week until desired tone is reached Bain Cicaextreme + Cicaflash to maintain shade and repair hair + Huile Cicaextreme daily as a finishing leave-in to add shine Curly Lightened Hair: Masque Ultra-Violet every two weeks or whenever you notice brassiness Bain Cicaextreme + Masque Cicaextreme + Cicaplasme daily for illuminating, hydrating, protecting and texturizing + Huile Cicaextreme daily to add shine and hydration.