Premiere Repairing Mask For Damaged Hair


Eliminate excessive calcium and restore moisture with our repairing and strengthening conditioner for damaged hair

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Première hair repair mask is designed for all hair types, especially those with damaged hair by over-processing. This rich formula goes beyond repair, rebuilding your hair’s inner strength while forming a protective shield against future breakage.
While calcium is naturally present in hair, when hair is damaged, it absorbs excessive calcium, leading to a calcium overdose that weakens the inside and outside of the hair fibre. Première’s anti-breakage filler, with its luxurious creamy texture, acts as a decalcifying hair mask for damaged hair, penetrating the hair to deliver extra conditioning care. This unique solution maximises hair recovery, especially after chemical processing such as lightening.
Use regularly to help rebuild the hair structure, smooth hair surface, and significantly reduce breakage, restoring your hair to its healthiest, strongest-looking.

98% less breakage*