Premiere Decalcifying & Repairing Hair Shampoo


Eliminate calcium, fortify and restore damaged hair with our decalcifying shampoo, formulated with glycine and citric acid

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Kérastase Première Decalcifying & Repairing Hair Shampoo is an advanced Decalcifying & Repairing Hair Shampoo tailored for all types of over-processed or damaged hair. This professional-grade, sulfate-free Decalcifying & Repairing Hair Shampoo provides a gentle yet effective cleanse for the scalp and hair, targeting the removal of excess calcium that can further compromise treated hair.

The distinctive dual-action feature of this creamy white Première Decalcifying & Repairing Hair Shampoo , transforming into a lavish foam, not only addresses the impact of excess calcium from water on already damaged or bleached hair but also restores keratin links within the hair shaft. The outcome is a revitalised hair structure from within, a noticeable reduction in breakage, and a renewed state of overall hair health. Learn the signs of damaged hair.

The benefits of the Kérastase Première Decalcifying & Repairing Hair Shampoo include:
– Gently purifies the scalp and hair while eliminating excess calcium
– Helps in minimising breakage and dullness
– Repairing hair at the core
– Enhances hair shine by 73%*
– Achieves hair smoothness 2x as much*

*Instrumental test after application of the Kérastase Première Première Decalcifying & Repairing Hair Shampoo
Bottle made of 95% recycled plastic, excluding the cap, colourants, and additives.