Premiere Intesnsive Repairing Concentrate


Remove calcium buildup with our pre-wash treatment for damaged hair

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Kérastase’s revolutionary Première Intensive Repairing Concentrate is the first of its kind, specially formulated to remove excess calcium and effectively repair damaged hair.
Delicate hair types such as over-processed or bleached hair are more prone to calcium absorption, leading to further damage. This pre-wash glycine hair treatment utilises a potent concentration of 8% pure acids, decalcifying hair from the inside out. The transparent gel-like texture in this Intensive Repairing Concentrate works wonders in reconnecting broken keratin links, reinforcing hair strength, and transforming it from rigid and dull to resilient, healthy-looking, and shinier.
The benefits of this Intensive Repairing Concentrate include:


– Decalcify and significantly reduce persistent damage
– Eliminates calcium deposits
– Alleviate stiffness and lackluster appearance
– Reconnect broken links among keratin chains
– Recreates 99% of hair’s original strength*
– 93% reduction in hair breakage*
– 75% more shine*
– 97% increase in hair’s inner structure reinforcement**